A new home


Just a few days ago, I moved into a bright, spacious new condo in downtown Toronto with my boyfriend Jordan. We’ve got our furniture set up, so we’re mostly settled into our new home – but it doesn’t have that “homey” feeling just yet.

So now it’s the fun part – decorating! First priority: the living room. It’s a nice, open space with a great layout. The challenge? Balancing out the dark floors and furniture. I think it needs a few pops of colour, an area rug to lighten all that dark laminate flooring, and definitely some artwork and plants to soften the clean lines.


Here’s a closer look. Jordan brought the table and couch, and they definitely look like a dude’s furniture. My goal is to balance it out with a few throw pillows and coffee table books. And look at that wall behind the couch! A nice big chunk of space to put a gallery of art, photos, knick-knacks of some kind. We’ve been pinning to an inspiration board on Pinterest to share our ideas for the space.

So what do you think we should do with the area? Leave a comment and let me know!


4 thoughts on “A new home

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