Decorating with your man

Over the past month, my boyfriend Jordan and I have slowly been transforming our initially empty condo into a place that feels like home. We’ve made like FOUR trips to Ikea and built the furniture ourselves, which as you all know is the most fun thing in the world, clearly. Stay tuned for an upcoming blog post where I reveal the fruits of our labour! But first, I wanted to write about how to decorate with a dude (without killing each other). After doing it, I’ve definitely got some tips to pass along for any folks moving in with their man.


Play some show & tell

Let’s face it, most guys don’t want to spend hours talking about pillow options or whether “Picket Fence” or “Calming Cream” is a better choice for white paint. But it’s definitely good to have a quick conversation outlining your personal tastes. If your man is social media-savvy and willing, make a joint Pinterest board where you can veto each other’s ideas and post photos of rooms you enjoy. We tried this out and it helped us get a sense of the other person’s taste without spending a cent.

Make some swaps

As you start decorating together, you’ll probably have to compromise and swap some of your personal choices for ones that suit you both. I owned some hot pink pillows and my boyfriend, not surprisingly, was not a fan. I realized I liked them because they brightened up a largely neutral colour palette… so I swapped out the notion of pink for a trendy burnt orange shade. Now, our living room doesn’t look overly feminine, but the pillows (check them out in the photo above) still provide a much-needed pop of colour.

Have some personal spaces

We all have things we love when it comes to decorating. It could be an old favourite painting or a craving for a crazy patterned rug. While you might have to keep those decorating desires in check in shared spaces, it’s a great idea to have a few areas where you can each decorate to your heart’s content. For us, that’s our office areas. He’s putting up an Indiana Jones movie print, I’m putting up a painting he kind of totally hates. Both spaces make us happy!

Ditch the idea of a “perfect” room

Yeah, sure, we all want our homes and apartments to look like something out of a magazine – but let’s be real. Those staged rooms with no cords or clutter don’t exist in real life, especially when you’re living with a guy who loves his video games or movies or any kind of technology. The sooner we (and yes, I’m talking to all of us ladies) can get over the fact that life doesn’t imitate our inspiration boards on Pinterest, the happier we’ll be living with our dudes.

Have you ever decorated a space with your significant other?
Let me know your tips for making it work in the comments!


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