Maximizing your pre-party cleaning


I’m finally throwing a little housewarming party tonight (after moving in over 2 months ago… sshh, don’t judge) and it’s got me thinking about pre-party cleaning. There’s the rushed kind most of us do, which generally consists of scrambling last-minute to get rid of clutter before people show up. But if you’ve got more time to prepare, a big gathering at your home is the perfect opportunity to do a thorough top-to-bottom cleaning of your pad and sweep/scrub some areas that normally don’t get much attention.

Kitchen sink
Did you know that your kitchen sink could be full of bacteria? Yup, it’s true – a place that you “clean” your dishes in could have 100,000 times more contamination than a bathroom sink, according to a recent study by NSF International. Seriously, yuck. If you’re having folks over for a party, you just know they’ll be milling around your kitchen, so a few days beforehand is the perfect time to give your sink a good scrub.


Lots of guests equal lots of drinks in your fridge. That’s a problem if yours is jam-packed with food – including some that may be rotting right under your nose. Empty out the whole thing if you have a free day and see what’s worth keeping (it’s probably not as much as you’d think.) Chuck out old fruit & veggies and anything past the best-before date. Also, see if you have multiple containers of the same thing started, like ketchup or salsa for instance, put it all in one container to save room. For more tips, check out Apartment Therapy’s great how-to guide for cleaning a refrigerator.

Your entire bathroom

When was the last time you reeeally cleaned your bathroom? If nothing is coming to mind, that’s a problem. An upcoming party is the perfect opportunity. Toss your toothbrush holder in the dishwasher. Clean your whole toilet (that means lifting the seat too.) Windex your mirror. And scrub your sink, counter and shower/tub with a bleach-based cleanser. The whole thing really won’t take as long as you think, and having a spotless space for your guests will feel wonderful. Bonus points if you add in a sweet smelling diffuser.

What are your tips for pre-party cleaning? Let me know in the comments!

PS: Martha Stewart, goddess of all things clean and tidy, has a great selection of cleaning guides to give you even more inspiration!


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