My living room setup!

If you read my post awhile back about decorating with a guy, then you’re in the loop about how I moved in with my boyfriend Jordan this summer and have been figuring out how home decor strategies that work for both of us. It’s a bit tricky to be honest – there’s some compromise involved, and I’ve had to figure out new storage strategies to handle a LOT of “guy stuff” (aka gaming consoles, computer cables, TV clickers, and the list goes on). Keeping things organized has been particularly key in the living room area. This is what it looked like when we first moved our stuff in: My living room

And here’s the current set up, with some pictures and pillows to soften the look:


All the furniture (couch, coffee table, rug) is from Ikea. Navy/white pillows are from Indigo, along with the organizer on the table (which would also be good for a bar cart – wish I’d bought two). Red pillows are from Homesense. Pictures are from a random assortment of stores… and the one in the top right corner is from one of our dates at an amazing local Mexican restaurant La Carnita! My living room
And here’s my new favourite purchase! A gorgeous pot from Anthropologie. Cost me a hundred bucks but it’s so worth it – the colour is stunning and I can move it to a deck/patio if I have a backyard down the road. My living room My living room


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