Tools for building your blog – while working 9 to 5

Tools for blogging while working 9 to 5

When I first started blogging this past spring, I learned two big things pretty quickly. The first was that the sweet spot for getting traction on blog posts seemed to be posting them during the middle of the day. The second thing was a realization that this would be totally unfeasible with my 9 to 5 job. Right?

Well, not quite. If you’re a budding blogger, you’re probably gone through the same internal conflict – you’ve figured out the ideal time to post content, but it seems totally at odds with the job you work every day that actually pays the bills. It’s a juggling act! But here’s the good news: it IS doable.

Here are a few online tools I’ve started putting in place to keep myself organized and post regular content during the day, even though I’m at the office:

1) Pre-schedule your posts with WordPress
For folks who’ve been blogging awhile, this is old news – but figuring out that I could pre-schedule posts on WordPress was the best discovery to me! Now, I write content at night/weekends and generally schedule it to be posted around noon on weekdays when my readers are likely on their lunch breaks and craving some engaging content. You can also connect it directly to Twitter and Facebook so it automatically promotes the post there too.

2) Line up advance promo with Buffer
When a post goes up, you’ve got to let people know it’s there… but it’s easy to let regular social media promo fall by the wayside when you’re busy at work. That’s where Buffer comes in. The service lets you schedule original tweets and Facebook posts. It doesn’t take long on my lunch break to schedule updates for the rest of the afternoon and evening, so my posts are getting promoted even if I’m stuck in back-to-back meetings.

3) Don’t lose good ideas with Trello
If you’re like me, you’ve probably had a random idea at the office that would be perfect for a blog post. Then, of course, you get busy at work, rush home, make dinner… and that idea is probably long gone by the time you sit down to actually work on the darn thing. I’ve been making use of Trello lately as a system for organizing these ideas so they don’t go to waste. It’s especially helpful if your blog is run by multiple people – since you can share ideas easily, all in one place.

 What do you think? What are your tips for maintaining a blog while working 9 to 5?


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