Looking back at Summer 2013…

Looking back at Summer 2013...

Looking back, it’s been an amazing summer. Since first launching All Things Nice back in April, lots has happened… and it’s reflected on the blog! Figured it’d be a good time to round up some of my favourite and most popular posts in case you missed them (or just wanted a second look!)

1. My recipe for cuban corn is my most popular recipe on the blog and on Pinterest. It’s spicy and delicious!

2. Going to the Gentlemen of the Road festival in Simcoe was a fun road trip this summer, and also one of my most popular blog posts.

3. Seems people enjoyed this first look inside my condo. I’ll have another post on this coming soon, too.

4. One of my favourite recipes: ombre berry paletas! They’re so darn pretty & easy to make. The perfect summer treat.

5. Apparently a lot of folks want to know how to bake pork tenderloin.

6. I’m in love with this easy potato salad recipe (and the placemat from Anthropologie.)

7. I don’t do advice posts too often, but this was a fun one – decorating with your man.

8. In case you missed it, I posted a downloadable desktop background I designed. Enjoy!

9. Last but not least, one of my earliest posts about finding bling on a budget.


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