How to create a gallery wall

How to make a gallery wall

Jordan and I decided to be productive on Labour Day. We finally got up the gallery wall we’ve been wanting to do for ages! (I know, I know… we’ve been here since May and we’re still decorating.)


That’s right after we moved in – can you believe it?! What a mess! We weren’t sure what to do with the space at first until we realized all that white space above the bookcase would be great for pictures.

How to create a gallery wall

Here’s a few things I learned during the process about how to create a gallery wall that works:

  1. Make sure there’s a mix. We had a lot of photos to choose from, but we tried to mix up sizes to keep it interesting. It’s also key to have both vertical and landscape shots to ensure the whole arrangement looks balanced.
  2. Plan things out. Don’t just hang willy-nilly! We arranged all the frames on the floor first and snapped a photo when we had an arrangement we liked, that way we could replicate it on the wall without making a mess.
  3. Use strips, not nails. Gallery walls can be ever-evolving as you add new pictures or move things around. Your best bet is to use picture hanging strips which won’t ruin your walls. It’s especially key if you’re living in a condo like us and aren’t allowed to nail things! We were able to find the strips at a few stores, including Michael’s and Canadian Tire.

If you want more inspiration for a gorgeous gallery wall, check out my home decor Pinterest board or these stunning rooms below:


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