About Lauren

I’m Lauren Pelley, a writer, blogger and lover of all the nice things in life.

Alongside my blog, I have over 5 years of experience working in journalism and communications. I’m currently working in Public Relations in the health care industry and also freelance on the side, with a focus on creating engaging web content. My health and lifestyle pieces have been published by some of Canada’s largest media outlets, including Chatelaine, Best Health and the CBC. (You can learn more about my work over on my portfolio site.) This blog is my passion project and a place for me to be unabashedly creative and share the things that make me happy.

A few fun facts about me: I love all things fashion (particularly anything by Kate Spade or J. Crew). I enjoy party planning, puppies, and experimenting in the kitchen. I’m known for singing power ballads at karaoke and wearing pearl earrings every single day. I currently live in downtown Toronto with my boyfriend Jordan and a few plants that have miraculously survived in my care.

About the blog

All Things Nice was launched in spring 2013 and features posts on food, fashion, home decor and more. The vision behind the blog is to celebrate the nice things in life – whether that’s a delicious meal, a new outfit, or a decadent party.


Q: Who takes the photos for All Things Nice?
A: I take all of my recipe and decor photos using either a Nikon or Canon dSLR. Jordan kindly takes the photos for my outfit posts – and I’d like to take this opportunity to thank him for putting up with my constant requests!

Q: Do you ever work with brands on your blog?
A: All Things Nice is a fairly new blog, so I’ve been focusing so far on building up original content. I would be open to working with brands or sponsors down the road. If you’d like to get in touch, feel free to email me at laurenpelley@gmail.com.


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