High vs. low: Striped tees with sparkle


High: J. Crew | Low: Old Navy

I’m a big fan of striped shirts – and I love that some of the ones in stores lately have a little something extra. However, you don’t have to pay a fortune for some sparkle and bling to upgrade a basic t-shirt. The J. Crew option will set you back almost $80, but you can have the same look by layering a necklace over a regular t-shirt (and then you’re able to wear the necklace with other outfits too – more bang for your buck, in my opinion.) Alternatively, you can grab a cheap Old Navy tee with some sparkle… or even go the DIY route if you’re feeling crafty!


C’est la vie





Sweater: Forever 21 | Necklace: Forever 21 | Shorts: Old Navy | Boots: Old Navy | Purse: Kate Spade

When I saw this sweater, I instantly fell in love. It’s hard to go wrong with a charming French phrase scrawled onto a cozy knit. Picked up the necklace at the same time and barely noticed a dent on my credit card… you’ve gotta love Forever 21 for that! Paired with some shorts, tights, and boots, it’s a comfortable fall outfit that’s totally on trend.

High vs. low: Gold-toe shoes


High: Kate Spade | Medium: Club Monaco | Low: Old Navy

I love this trend right now – simple black pumps & flats with a touch of bling. But I think I’d err on the side of “too trendy to spend a fortune on” when buying these. If I’m spending three hundred bucks on shoes, they’d better be timeless and classic (aka never going out of style.) If you’re like me, those cute flats under thirty bucks are the way to go.

High vs. low: Heeled black boots


High: Cole Haan ($268.00) | Low: Old Navy ($36.94)

I’ve been longing for a pair of low-heeled boots for awhile now… but the price for most has been a big deterrent. When I found an inexpensive pair at Old Navy, I jumped! Seriously, these guys are insanely comfy – and if a harsh Canadian winter ruins ’em within a few months, I won’t be losing sleep given how little they cost.


Yup. I love ’em.